Eskimo Joe revisit their 1998 breakout single SWEATER

Yes you heard right Eskies fans!

We are going to revisit our 1998 breakout single SWEATER on our upcoming tour!

And for you today we have a little present 24 years in the making!

We present to you our 2022 rendition of Sweater in all it’s sweatery glory!

Hear from Kav below:

'We haven't played Sweater since 2002 at Fowlers Live Adelaide, but since that day not a single show has gone by where someone hasn't yelled out 'play Sweater’.

It has become almost sacred to the OG Eskies fans, so for all of you who've been waiting for this moment please enjoy this 2022 version of Sweater we’ve put together.

And for those coming along to join us on our national Black Fingernails Red Wine In The City tour in a few weeks time if you are lucky we might be playing this one in our encore'

Kav x

Tour tix available here -

Only 3 weeks to go!!!

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