ESKIMO JOE COVER SERIES - Into Temptation by Crowded House

Another cover has dropped from the Eskimo Joe lads in the leadup to their massive 2022 Black Fingernails Red Wine In The City tour which kicks off in 5 weeks.

A note below from Joel Quartermain from Eskimo Joe:

'How fortunate are we to have Crowded House soundtrack our lives? They’re like your favourite family member: warm, charismatic and loved by everyone.

It’s such a tough decision to choose a Crowdies tune to cover. So many iconic, sublime songs.

We ended up settling on ‘Into Temptation’ as possibly a less obvious choice compared to some of their more well known masterpieces. It’s definitely a favourite in the Eskies tour bus!

It’s one of many examples of Neil Finn’s gift for writing complex, sophisticated songs that sound absolutely effortless.

NB: To our NZ friends, we’re going to claim Crowded House as an Aussie band on the pure geographic/statistical argument that the band was formed in Melbourne and 2 of 3 founding members were Melbournites. Hope that’s ok :)

The track will be released on all platforms tomorrow! You can pre-save it via the link below:

Can’t wait for our big national tour to kick off in 5 weeks, tickets available from

Both the Black Fingernails Red Wine & Song Is A City albums will be performed in full along with some other gems.

Best wishes, Joel'

Click here to view the video - ESKIMO JOE COVER SERIES - Into Temptation by Crowded House