dirtgirl is a gumboot wearing, planet-loving girl - oh, and she's also a rockstar who loves to sing and dance almost as much as she loves getting grubby (almost!).

Late 2017 saw dirtgirl launch a new show about her life.

From the EMMY Award winning makers of the International hit animation, dirtgirlworld, comes Get Grubby TV (GGTV). Like the cartoon, GGTV is yet again a celebration of life outside set to music that the whole family can dig!

With the same beloved characters at the wheel of the adventures, GGTV has reimagined the dirtgirlworld story to reveal the real place and the real characters ...in the real world! As well as Costa the Garden Gnome (Costa Georgiadis), dirtgirl and scrapboy have some other new friends. Well actually, dirtgirl has a new band - an all-girl band and they seriously rock!

These legit musicians are home grown but know how to wow crowds around the world - as their other day job is as beloved international act, the Hussy Hicks. Accomplished guitarist and vocalist Jules Parker stands alongside vocal powerhouse (and sometimes rockin' drummer!), Leesa Gentz, to form the heart of the Hussy Hicks. They are often joined by Tracy Bassy and on some special occasions, Kristy Gentz. "I thought my place couldn't get any better, and then the girls moved in next door; now we definitely have the most rockin' neighbourhood around!”

“Sometimes they tour as far away as Europe, but we always look forward to a jam when they get home!", says dirtgirl. With previous hit releases including two ARIA nominated albums, dirtgirl has again teamed up with her long time collaborators to write new music. Meanwhile, her all girl band have re- worked some of the older tracks; which makes the Get Grubby TV soundtrack, an exciting mix of dirtgirl classics-come-new-again and completely fresh tunes.

These long term friends and music collaborators are none other than: Hewey Eustace, who has won the International Songwriting Competition for Best Kid’s song, dirtgirl's ‘Every Little Drop’, and Cameron McKenzie who produces and plays with Aussie favourite, Mark Seymour.

In a previous life Hewey also played bass in the Jeff Lang Band, and wrote the theme song for Giggle and Hoot (fun fact!).

Speaking of giving a hoot, dirtgirl's love for our planet means that she has chosen not to release her latest music offering in hard copy; rather, it's available for download via the dirtgirl & friends iTunes and dirtgirls online shop. Her music can be easily streamed on the dirtgirl and friends Spotify - where dirtgirl popped her curator hat to compile some family friendly playlists for, well, every occasion!

For those who really want something in their grubby hands, dirtgirl also features alongside other beloved family stars of ABC KIDS on the new release Let's Play - Holiday Fun With Friends available here

Finally, after you've worn yourself out from rockin' around to dirtgirl's music... or if you're still left wanting more after Get Grubby TV screens (on ABC KIDS at 7.13pm everyday), you can head over to dirtgirl's Youtube Channel or to ABC iView where the grubby fun never has to end with all twenty episodes available to watch for free anytime you like!



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