Announcing ESKIMO JOE's 'A Song Is A City' Anniversary Edition release!!!!

Presenting the last album to be given the deluxe treatment in Eskimo Joe's very special Anniversary Reissue Series - the beloved 2004 album, A Song Is A City!!

Available from Friday May 29th and to preorder here now!

The A Song Is A City Anniversary Edition CD will feature the original album remastered and paired with TEN additional rare and live bonus tracks!  The vinyl is a stunning silver colour with original track-list only.

Also, stay tuned for an announcement in June.... the guys are gearing up for something very special later this year....

"A Song Is A City holds a really special place in my heart. It was an exciting time for the band; we were touring heavily, enjoying songwriting and having a great time in the studio. We learned a lot about engineering and production working alongside an industry legend in Paul McKercher. This record gave us our first ARIA for Producing; something I’m incredibly proud of to this day. The songs on this record have a beautiful naivety to them, but also represent a step up for the band. I still enjoy listening to this album, which is a rare thing for most musicians I know!"  - STU

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"ASIAC has a funny way of pinning you to a moment in time whether you’ve written the song or not... I think about looking at the storms rolling in over the ocean in Fremantle and how that felt like a perfect metaphor for all my anxieties in ‘From the Sea’. I think about sitting around the kitchen table at Baker St with my friends Ben and Jesse asking Ben “Hey, whatever happened to you last night?”... or waking up to the early morning crows calling... All these stories are real for me, but over a decade later I now know that these stories aren’t just about us any more, they are for everyone who has listened to this record, taken it into their lives, and made it their own personal soundtrack. That makes us all in Eskimo Joe feel very proud, grateful and thankful for how this whole period of time ended up." - KAV

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