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Adalita, lead singer of seminal band Magic Dirt, has been one of Australia’s most respected and influential artists for nearly two decades. You may well have grown up with her music, watching it evolve from the freeform distortion-drenched darkness in the early 90’s to the confident, poised rock’n’roll of ‘Girl’. Or you might be a new fan, just beginning to explore her solo work released under her own name, dynamic and introspective.

The release of Adalita’s eponymous debut album in 2011 marked the advent of a remarkable new phase in an already illustrious career. The stark and heartfelt album earned Adalita an AMP Award nomination and an AIR Award for Best Independent Album. In 2013, Adalita’s second album ‘All Day Venus’ blitzed the music scene, landing her an Age/Music Victoria award just a month after its release. Closing out 2014, Adalita delivered a stirring keynote speech at the annual AIR Awards and received an ARIA Award Nomination for Best Female Artist.

Adalita is currently writing and road testing new songs for her third solo album.

“The goddess that is Adalita takes to the stage a little after 5pm, instantly causing men for miles to weaken at the knees. Attired in a simple white dress, she lives, sings and breathes from a different level than us mere mortals who gaze up from the ground. Adalita throws down a subtle blend of rawk chick-meets-reformed good girl, her two decades of experience coming to the fore for the common good. Backed by a more-than-able band, it’s 40 minutes of unadulterated bliss.” – Dylan Stewart, TheMusic regarding Adalita at Golden Plains 2014